Our Timeline

Joint venture formed in 2006 to manufacture non-volatile memory for Intel and Micron. With parents like these, it is little wonder we have become an industry leader in just a few years.
PRODUCTS — 72nm, 50 nm
ACHIEVEMENTS — Aggressive hiring and worlds fastest semiconductor start up to date. 16K wafer output in first year.
  • 2009 UBM TechInsights Awards
  • 2009 Most Innovative Memory Product - 34nm
  • Fastest transition to 34nm & 60% cost reduction
34nm, 25nm — PRODUCTS
ISO 9001; 14001; 18001 certified — ACHIEVEMENTS
  • 2010 UBM TechInsights Awards
  • 2010 Most Innovative Memory Process - 25nm
  • 2011 UBM TechInsights Awards Semiconductor of the Year
  • 2011 Flash Memory Summit: Most Innovative Flash Memory
  • 2011 EE Times ACE Most Popular Product Award: 3-bit-per-cell NAND flash memory
  • 2011 Golden Key Freedom Award: presented by Utah Governor Gary Herbert
PRODUCTS — 20nm; with planar cell technology
  • Received $50 million grant from the state of Utah to expand facility
  • IM Flash extended the lead with 25nm production
  • IM Flash Announce World's First 128Gb 20nm MLC NAND
  • 2011 Began the 75Ksq. foot building expansion
  • 2012 Thomas A. Martin Utah Recycler of the Year
  • 2012 During the presentation of the prestigious Semiconductor of the Year award, the presenting engineers, who test products around the globe, admitted not being able to figure out how IM Flash engineers created such a smart, high performing 20nm chip.
  • 2013 Best of State Award - Manufacturing in Microelectronics
20nm with planar cell technology — PRODUCTS
  • 2012 Received Intel Corporation's "Excellence in Performance to Values" Award
  • 2012 First tools installed in new clean-room building
  • 2015 Intel and Micron announce 3D XPoint
  • Utah Manufacturing Association for Safety processes, programs and performance
PRODUCTS — 3D XPoint, 20nm
IM Flash celebrates 12 years as an Intel and Micron joint venture — ACHIEVEMENTS
3D XPoint, 20 nm — PRODUCTS