Job: Process Technician in Dry Etch

"Having an onsite health clinic is so wonderful! The convenience is something I appreciate a lot."

Bridge the gap

As a Process Technician (PT), I get a lot of opportunity for problem solving. I often help bridge the communication gap between MTs and the engineers. I do a lot training and I love the 1-on-1 time so I’m rarely bound to my desk. What I love about my job is that I’m trusted enough to make decisions and work hard without being micro-managed.

Benefits of the job

Having an onsite health clinic is so wonderful! The convenience of walking down to visit the PA and get a prescription or take care of a variety of health issues is something I appreciate a lot. I also love the awesome shift schedule – four days on, three days off and then just the opposite the following week. The night rotation can sometimes be rough but it's so worth the flexibility in my schedule. I actually use my time off to volunteer for the Missing in America project which involves collecting the ashes of people who have been unclaimed and sending them to a place in NY to see if they are military. The project helps provide a proper burial for these individuals and it's gratifying to see some people receive closure like that.

Wildlife at IM flash

Our site is really amazing, right up against the mountains. On my lunch break I often get in my car and go watch the elk herd that gathers right on our softball fields. It's incredible they come down and graze basically right out our front door! You really can enjoy so much of what Utah has to offer just by walking outside.

All in the family

For me, working at IM Flash is a total family affair. My father-in-law, brother-in-law, and husband work here and my mother-in-law used to work here.


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