Job: Dry Etch Equipment Engineer

I am originally from Dayton, Ohio and have enjoyed living in Pensacola, Florida, Whidbey Island, Washington, and Salt Lake City, Utah. I like to maintain, build and drive just about any type of motor vehicle. Spending time with my family, hiking, snowboarding, and auto detailing are all important to me. No matter where you are in Utah, you’re just a few minutes away from an awesome hike or outdoor adventure. I love the proximity to these spectacular mountains.

I started college, but decided to enlist in the Navy to see the world. My military education focused on electronics warfare and the ALQ-99 airborne integrated jamming system. This system was used on the electronic attack EA-6B Prowler aircraft and later on the EA-18G Growler aircraft. I learned how to effectively troubleshoot in-depth problems that were outside the scope of what a test bench could provide.

The leadership skills I learned in the Navy aided me in transitioning from a technician role to a leadership position at IM Flash. I help develop my team and use strategic planning to accomplish department and company goals. Mentoring and cultural development are also very important to me.

Collaboration is the best way to solve complex systemic work station issues and it is satisfying to figure out tough problems. Every day there are opportunities to troubleshoot or drive cutting edge improvements. However, there are more than enough challenges and opportunities to keep me engaged, growing and moving forward.

I love working for IM Flash! The values here – integrity, commitment, teamwork and execution – are similar to that of the military, which I personally identify with, and are a crucial component in achieving our company goals. The people at IM Flash are outstanding – not only to work with, but to collaborate with on a daily basis. Folks here are genuinely interested in the success of those around them and are more than willing to help other team members. I think this is testament of our strong culture, sense of community and goal alignment.


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