Job: Diffusion Section Manager

"The future is so bright for us – we’re looking at multiple technology paths where each one will make us industry leaders."

Ramping up IM FLash

I think one of my most favorite projects I've had here at IM Flash was the initial ramp of this site—it was a blast! We took a massive empty building and built it up to a fully functioning facility, no small feat with many challenges. We all had one goal: to make this work. And we did it! In fact, we did it so well that we are now the world's leader in non-volatile memory technology.

New State, new friends, new fun

My wife and I came here from Washington and all I have to say is that I was pleasantly surprised. Raising a family in Utah is fantastic. There is very low crime, safe neighborhoods, great schools, and it’s nice that I work for a company that has a lot of diversity. My children are half Korean and there are many people from all over the world where I work that I can connect to. And I love to golf – there are dozens and dozens of golf courses that you can choose from. About 25% of the people I work with golf and we go out together a lot. I expected to be a little bit of an outsider that missed home when I first moved here, but I don’t. We actually have no aspirations of moving back home – we like it here a lot. It’s nice to know I can feel comfortable and safe where I live.

IM FLash throws a great party

One of the nice perks to working here are the parties IM Flash will put on in the summer. When I've gone on recruiting trips, I tell people all the time how we have close to 5000 people enjoying a night out at a local waterpark with games, food, and prizes. Knowing that our CEOs want us to enjoy life away from work, it really means a lot. It really is all about the people here.

Bright Future

The future is so bright for us – we're looking at multiple technology paths where each one will make us industry leaders. Disruptive memory is coming soon! I like to tell people I work for the best semiconductor manufacturer on earth.


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