Job: IT Director

"We're basically a rocket science enterprise – what we are doing here on a daily basis is pushing the boundaries of what's possible."

Where I began

My family and I moved to the USA from Bulgaria in 1997. I started as a software engineer at Micron in 1998 and transitioned to IM Flash when it started up in 2006.

Why I like working at IM Flash

IM Flash is a “rocket science” enterprise – we push the boundaries of technology and create what sometimes seems impossible. We strive to innovate, to go beyond our competition, and work to be a step ahead. As a result, we make products that change people’s lives every day.

What I do

My team designs and architects software solutions that enables IM Flash to operate as efficiently as possible. I feel like I’m an artist creating interconnected pieces of art. My team is responsible for several highly-critical automation and control systems that keep the Fab running 24 x 7.

I'm most proud of

I’m most proud of our ability to run a successful, large-scale, U.S.-based semiconductor operation. We execute our goals, compete on a global basis, and lead the world in what we do – year after year. We have never, since we opened in 2006, had to shut down the Fab to maintain our systems. We keep it running nonstop. That’s a huge accomplishment considering the high levels of complexity and load on the systems. It’s like driving a car at 80 mph on the freeway and servicing the engine at the same time – highly challenging and exciting.


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