Job: Diffusion Supervisor
|usa  Origin: california

"IM Flash is a very military friendly company – as a reservist I have always been able to fulfill my obligations."


Active Military Welcomed

I am currently a reservist in the Navy but when I was looking to transition from active duty, a headhunter told me about this company in Utah it all seemed to fit. My skills that I obtained in the Navy are really applicable in my day-to-day job. I started out troubleshooting electronics as a technician and quickly realized it required a lot of thinking outside of the box in the Semiconductor Industry. It’s such a fast-paced industry—things change every day—so you are always looking at a different challenge. And beyond the work, IM Flash is a very military friendly company. I’ve had to take off for a few weeks at a time as I’m one of the few reservists who does assessments on ships. Never at any time has it been an issue and I’ve always been able to fulfill my obligations.

Quick Learner

I started out as a Level 2 Technician and worked my way up rapidly to managing a team within a couple of years.

Utah Does Have the Best Snow

After living in California for 10 years, my children really had no concept of snow at all. And then we moved to Utah. It's all my kids love now! My son has become an avid snowboarder and there are 5-6 different ski resorts within 30 minutes or so from where I live. The outdoors is phenomenal here which can be frustrating because with so many things to do, how can you choose?

Career Development

As a supervisor, I really enjoy helping develop other people like I was developed when I first came to IM Flash. The promotion opportunity is great—you are responsible for your own career. You know from the start what you need to do to go all the way to the top. And with help from your supervisor, department head, and section manager, it's all right there to give you the chance to get to where you want to be. Put good effort in and you'll go far.