Job: RDA Process Engineer
|usa  Origin: washington

"Working in a team is empowering—I don’t feel like I’m alone in solving a problem."


Shift schedule rocks

One of the best things about my job is my shift schedule. I never thought I would love working a 12 hour shift, but when you get three and four day weekends every other week, it makes a huge difference! I really enjoy being able to have my freedom, get outside, make the most of my free time. Plus, because of the fast pace work in the Fab, a 12 hour shift goes by pretty fast.

My Daily Job

Part of my job involves reducing defectivity in our product. As an RDA engineer, I get to work on issues that will help improve our processes and increase our yield. One of the reasons I enjoy my job is that it's easy to see contributions in RDA as we help reduce excursions. It's very rewarding and I get great satisfaction out of being a problem solver.

We spell work "T-E-A-M"

We work a lot in teams here at IM Flash because we’re such a fast-paced environment. Working in a team is empowering because people can be such valuable resources. I don’t feel like I’m alone in solving a problem and an issue can be sourced quickly when everyone else is willing to collaborate on the problem. Plus it’s just really easy to interact with people here at IM Flash – you’re treated with respect and able to fit in to the culture.


I visit all the local canyons to explore or hike, sometimes climb. I usually head up American Fork Canyon which is minutes away from where we work. I also love skiing at Alta in winter – skiers only! I also just bought a kayak and plan on using it soon on the western part of the Colorado River in Southern Utah. There are just too many places to explore, and that's a really cool part of living here.