Job: Maintenance Carpenter
|usa  Origin: utah

"We have a lot of people to draw knowledge from that are willing to share. It's just the way we work here."


The way we look

I think one of the best reasons for working here at IM Flash is the teamwork atmosphere. In my job, I do a lot of estimating and I rely on several other people for help when in order to do my job right. I think a really unique aspect of IM Flash is that we have a lot of people to draw knowledge from that are willing to share. It's just the way we work here.

Sprucing up the site

My role involves making sure our beautiful site is always on point. We house some of the brightest people around and some of the most innovative tools in the world and I'm one of those responsible for keeping the site functioning and safe. When we finished a new roofing project, it was exciting to see the transformation with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop.

Benefits at IM flash

We have fantastic health benefits here, especially with an onsite health clinic right at our disposal. I also enjoy the benefit of having a job that gets me inside and outside of our building; we really work in a beautiful place. I could take people on tours of this place for hours, showing them all of the amazing things we accomplish here. I am also proud of the fact that each year our company hosts a Veterans Day celebration to honor all of those who have served our country. It's nice to recognize my fellow team members who have served and we have over 150 who have served in some capacity or another in the military.

Exciting technology

Everybody in the world needs what we make. It's fascinating to know that we are literally making it possible for people to have easier lives by helping them stay connected to the world around them. It's something of a bit of pride to tell people I work here and that what they could have in their hand is something we helped create.