Job: AMAT Process Owner in Dry Etch
|usa  Origin: minnesota

"I'm always working on something I’ve never done before and nothing you can really learn in school. That’s what I love about it—I’m continually learning and never bored."


Something Out of the Ordinary

One of the things that attracted me to IM Flash was the fact it was an out of the ordinary, not classic type of chemical engineering company. I wasn't interested in doing petroleum or research with my degree and this job fit that profile. I'm always working on something I've never done before and nothing you can really learn in school. That's what I love about it--you are continually learning and never bored. Other friends are always looking for things to do.

Truly a Team Setting

Almost everything we do here at IM Flash involves teamwork—it's one of our core values. Working within the team setting was really appealing to me when I chose to come work here; I've never done as well working by myself. I really like the open cubicle type of format. It also helps that co-workers are always willing and open to help me out, including open communication between other fabs (parent companies).

Connecting Outside of Work

There are so many people here who are active and love to get outside and just do things. I love playing in the Corporate Games, especially the summer games. Our mini golf team took first place last year and I play soccer with a group of people after work. It's also pretty cool that IM Flash has its own internal softball league with our own softball fields. Our Dry Etch team took home the tournament championship! These types of activities really help keep up the camaraderie here at work.

Building a Giant City on a Tiny Scale

It still amazes me every time I go look at a cross section of a wafer or a traveler or stuff I can do with my etches to change the structure on a wafer – like building a giant city on a tiny scale. It's all so challenging and not typical. Normal knowledge cannot be applied and it's awesome to have freedom to test new things. It's always incredible to know that the picture on the screen in front of me is smaller than a hair, a dot on a page – can't see with a naked human eye.